Neoprene Sport Waist Cincher – Bombshell Curves

Neoprene Sport Waist Cincher

Bombshell Curves

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Is burning fat in the abdomen area a problem for you? Is reducing waist measuments a nearly impossible task? Discover how effective our waist cincher made of Neoprene is! Increases perspiration in those trouble zones. Get the Neoprene cincher and start enjoying the benefits you will obtain through body perspiration such as: Cleaning pores, detox your body, burn more calories and elimiate water retention. Lightweight and no hooks.

Womens Sizing:
Size Small (Pants size 0-4)
Size Medium (Pants size 6-8)
Size Large (Pants size 10-12)
Size XL (Pants size 14)

Mens Sizing:
Size Small (Pants size 26-28)
Size Medium (Pants size 30-32)
Size Large (Pants size 34-36)
Size XL (Pants size 38)


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